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Every month get an exercise, idea, challenge, or task that will hone your business skills & improve your business savvy. They're designed to be a fast read, actionable, & impactful. 



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You have different questions at different points in your journey.  This guide gives free resources to use all along the way.

Reading a Map
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Need help sorting out the viability of your business? Get a panel of experts who want you to succeed.  No sharks here!  Just honest, relevant, expert advice.


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Leverage Your Strengths!
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This packet is a chock full of  fundamental business topics you need to effectively start and run your business!

How to set up a website

How to calculate the value of your time

What is an Income Statement

 A Few Examples
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The Mental Journey of the Aspiring  Entrepreneur

Your Guide to navigating all the confusion!

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Sarah Hamilton

Sarah is an entrepreneur, small business owner, and an expert at creating sugar free cocktails!  She started her business on a shoestring and grew it to over six figures in 3 months.  Last year she paid off her house!  But her road to success didn't come easy and she learned so many lessons the hard way.  As a result, her passion is helping existing and aspiring entrepreneurs get results without all the heartache and pain she experienced.  .