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The Company We Keep

Each month we highlight an inspiring entrepreneur and her success story. Learn more about this month's amazing entrepreneur below and take away some sage inspiration for your own journey.
" My favorite quote is from Winnie the Pooh!

You are brave than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think!"

                      - Stephanie Marquardt

Meet Stephanie Marquardt!

Mindset can completely drive our destiny.  And having the right mindset can be a defining factor in our success.  That’s a philosophy that Stephanie Marquardt lives by. 


Stephanie is the owner of the consulting company Continuous Synergy.  She works tirelessly to help her clients create growth while maintaining a balanced life.  She knows that this combination is the key to exponential success!


Stephanie wants everyone to know that business owners don’t need to feed stuck spinning their wheels.  Her better approach helps others transform their vision into a reality through strategic planning and implementation.  And she frequently helps others do this on a large scale through government contracting.  She’s all about showing her clients about streamlining.  We all could use some help there!  Reach out to Stephanie and share how your mindset has shaped your exoeriences.  You will end up with a new friend indeed!

You can reach stephanie at:


Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

It is done. What this quote means to me is that whatever intention I put out in the universe, it's done. It's inevitable. It's been decided. No turning back.

Caroline Dunn Headshot.png

Caroline Dunn

Perfection is overrated.  You're better off launching an imperfect product or service fast than perfect.  Learn from your customers along the way.


Karen Smyth

Leadership is modeling behavior while inspiring others to be their very best.  It is transparency, truth, and accountability.

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We like to introduce other women who have a successful approach to life and business.  If you fit this bill and have something unique to offer  business women, please contact us!  Let's get you featured on this page!
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