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The Softer Side

About Us

At the Softer Side of Success, we provide a powerful platform to assist those who want to pursue their small business dreams.  Our mission is to enable you to become successful entrepreneurs and to help you pursue your business interests.  Too often, we run away from our dreams because of fear.  The fear of failure, of humiliation, of financial risk, fear of a lack of abilities, fear of doing something alone – these and many other forms of fear keep us from realizing our potential and from living our lives in authentic and fruitful ways.  Right now is the best time to work on bringing that dream to life.  If the thought of being in the same rut a year from now is unbearable, you are in the right place.  Welcome to The Softer Side.
How Can We Help?
The Softer Side of Success provides expertise, tools, resources, and support for those who are ready to realize their small business dreams, and we deliver this support in an honest yet nurturing manner.  While we love the challenge of Shark Tank, we believe feedback and progress can be delivered in a kinder, more productive way.  
No sharks allowed

No sharks allowed. 

Productivity requires action to get closer to making that dream happen.  That’s why all our programs and resources are designed with building on ACTION!!  Two of our most favorite words are “Next Steps”.  We always identify next steps. That is what makes a difference in the short and long runs!  Next steps show progress and next steps remove barriers. Next steps give you direction and next steps propel your dream from fantasy into reality.
Everything we do is built with the purpose of driving action for our clients.  This comes in many different forms – whether it is creating a plan, uncovering opportunities, sizing up risk, assessing your talents and skills, brainstorming ideas, and solving problems.  We ensure that whatever help you need – you move forward knowing what to do next. 
We know that one size does not fit all.  Every dream deserves a customized approach.  And every tool we provide enables our clients to pursue their next steps in their unique ways.  Yet there are some things we believe should be held sacred by all our clients:  We believe each person should:
  • Leverage your strengths
  • Honor your values
  • Fuel your passion
  • Value your time
  • Propel your vision
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We serve the needs of our aspiring and growing entrepreneurs by infusing these values into all our programs,  Here’s a little secret:  we believe these values are what drive you too.  If you are here, it’s because these values are important to you.  In fact they ring loud and clear.  You are compelled to give these values the attention they deserve.   These values reflect the person you are or want to be.   
Our commitment to these values thrives in the materials and expertise we provide.  Our guides come from a place of familiarity.  Our experts understand the issues – they have worked and lived them in one way or more.  And there is no judgement – only next steps.
Our services include:
  • How To Vet Your Business Idea - an online course for those who have been kicking around a business idea but are just not sure if it will work or if they can make money.  If you have been holding off due to fear (of failure, wasting money, not knowing what to do) this course takes you through a deep dive of your idea to answer all those scary questions.  You'll then know if you should take the leap or not.   Check out the program here.
  • The Monthly Breakthrough – Simple Ways to Be Brilliant!  A monthly email that contains an idea, a challenge, an exercise, tips/tricks, or suggestions on ways to improve your acumen, center of influence, or progress. Subscribe here.
  • Success Panels – No Sharks Allowed, Only Experts With Heart – A live session with an exclusive panel of experts assembled to meet the your specific need of expertise.  Request a panel here.
  • Ebooks/Workbooks – Designed to Get Results – all ebooks are in workbook form so you can see next steps and results! See all the ebooks here
So, welcome to The Softer Side of Success!  We’re glad you’re here.  We are thrilled to have you among peers that know they are capable of so many things and now they’re ready to show others (and themselves) how they are in control of their destiny.  Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you, or how you would like to be a part of this journey!  We can’t wait to take those next steps with you!
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Jodi Henson, Founder

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