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Welcome to Your
Monthly Breakthrough!

Simple ways to be brilliant!

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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Why leave it to chance?  Why not start creating your legacy now.  Here is a super easy exercise to get started.  

       And here's a hint.

What is the Monthly Breakthrough?

We all know that those who strive for continued improvement are the people who make the biggest strides in their businesses.              

The Monthly Breakthrough is an easy way to sharpen your skills, work your plans, pursue your ideas and polish your image!  


Each month you will receive a new exercise, challenge, or idea that will help expand your thinking, GROW YOUR BUSINESS, develop your soft skills, and step up your impact. The breakthroughs are designed to be easy to implement  and help you gain new knowledge and perspective in your activities.  

(fyi, it's free)
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What You'll Receive:
  • Once a month breakthrough in email
  • A simple idea, exercise, tip, or trick to hone your savvy skills 
  • Keep it for yourself or pass it along (another way to be brilliant in networking).

Snapshot of Some Previous Breakthroughs

What You Must
Teach Me

IWe must feed others in order to feed ourselves.  Here's how. 

How To Tackle Your Year

IA whole different approach to New Year's Resolutions.  

Write Your Perfect 

Manifest it?  Dream It?  How about defining it this way....?

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