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How To Vet Your Business Idea

 - Know If You're Ready To Take The Leap

The Ultimate Course

Finally, the way to figure out if your business idea
is worth pursuing.

Before you spend money on any of these:

  •      sign a lease
  •      buy inventory
  •      place ads
  •      hire people
  •      sign a contract
  •      purchase equipment
  • ​     hire a lawyer​
  •      incorporate
  •      write a business plan
  •      seek funding
  •      hire a CPA

 You need to know if your idea could work.  This guide will take you through a deep dive on all the questions you need to answer before you invest.

Image by Joshua Hoehne
You're ready to leave your your job and be your own boss.
You know it's time to take control of your work, your schedule, and your income.
You're wondering if you have what it takes to start your business.

Sound Familiar?

You're not comfortable spending lots of money to start a business without knowing if it can MAKE money.
You know you're on to something really good.  Now it's time to do some homework.
You have a GREAT idea, but you're not sure if it will work.
You don't know what all is involved to get the idea off the ground.

You've come to the right place.

The Answers Are Here.

Upon completing this guide, you will :

* Know if your business idea truly aligns with your personal goals

* Have a clearly defined business model

* Learn how to test your product/service offering 

* Calculate what funds you'll need to start the business

* Understand how you'll make money

* Determine your best profit scenarios

* Simulate what day-to-day operations will be like

* Identify hidden risks

* Detail your next steps

What others are saying about the guide:

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I Am Ready To Vet My Business Idea!

The Ultimate Course

6 modules, 26 topics

12 months unlimited access to guide materials

Includes bonus ebooks

30 worksheets, guides, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources

Wrap Up Module with additional expert help


I had so many questions and fears about moving forward with my business idea.  I wasn't sure if I should pursue it or not.  Jodi guided me through the critical business issues and she opened my eyes to some of the risks I needed to be aware.  Even better, she helped me uncover some potential sales options that I had never even considered before!  This changed my whole outlook on the business and how I should proceed.  This course is a MUST for anyone who has questions about her business idea.  

                                - Sarah


                                  Rebelle Creative Strategies

A Peek Inside The Course

Align It

Module 1


  • What benefits you hope to gain

  • What is not negotiable for your lifestyle

  • Assess your capabilites

  • What you will need to make a Go/No Go decision

You'll Then Know

Is your business idea a good fit with who you are?

Define It

Module 2


  • Specific product/service and business description

  • Your mission statement

  • Develop a Minimally Viable Product (MVP) strategy

  • Create a sales scenario

You'll Then Know

What is the value proposition of the business?

Test It

Module 3


  • How to create and test  a prototype of your idea

  • Start up costs

  • Delivery requirements

  • Other considerations (legal, regulatory, space, technology, skills, equipment, etc.)

  • Monthly operating expenses

You'll Then Know

Is your idea feasible?

Count It

Module 4


  • Calculating profit potential

  • Cash flow

  • Funding sources

  • Ways to bootstrap

You'll Then Know

Can you make a profit?

Live It

Module 5

Work Through:

  • Anticipating challenges

  • Handling money

  • Delegating

  • A day in the life...

  • Identifying risks

You'll Then Know

What will your new work life be like?

Let's Recap

The course is delivered in 6 different video modules.  In addition to all the videos, there are worksheets, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources to supplement the topics covered in each module.  

Each module is organized into several sub-topics/mini lessons in individual videos so you can consume the information as much (or as little) at a time as you choose.  

You will have access to all the materials for a full 12 months upon accessing the guide.
Still have some unanswered questions?  You can book a complimentary private working session with Jodi to work through any questions, brainstorming,  strategy development,  or other issues you want to cover.   

You'll also receive these bonuses!

Leverage Your Strengths

This ebook/workbook includes 9 deep dive exercises designed to help you uncover all your strengths.  You'll find ways to leverage those assets and put them to good use in your business, in your career, in your day-to-day life!

Setting Your Goals In 6 Easy Steps

Believe it or not, sometimes knowing what goals to pursue is not easy!  This book/workbook  walks you through 6 steps where you will identify the goals that truly matter to you, and help you create a plan to achieve those goals.

The Ultimate Course 

6 modules, 26 topics

12 months unlimited access to guide materials

Includes bonus ebooks

30 worksheets, guides, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources

Wrap Up Module with additional expert help


After going through all the materials in the course, you will know whether or not you want to take the leap to start your business. 


You'll know what will be required to get it started, what resources you'll need, how you will make money, and what operating your business will be like.  

You'll have the information, the peace of mind and the confidence you need to make a Go/No Go decision! 

And no worries!  If, after completing all the work through Module 3, you are not satisfied with the guide, you can request a full refund.  We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and know that you are getting your money's worth.  To review the refund policy, click here.

You've Got Questions?

  • What do I need to go through the course?
    All you need to bring is your idea! You might want to have a pen and paper handy to take notes too. We're going to talk about all the different areas of your business idea that you should be thinking through. So don't worry if you haven't done any of the math, designed a logo, or even figured out who your customer might be. We will work on that together!!
  • How will I have access to the guide and materials?
    This is easy. Once you purchase the guide, you will receive an email confirmation which will include a link for you to create your account. This will also walk you through how to set up your private login and password. Once that is set up, you will see your guide. You can then dive right in and start working on that business idea. Each module has multiple topics and lessons. You can click on any topic in the module to access the video. As well, you can click on any of the workbooks, resource guides, cheat sheets and other handy tools at any time once the module has been published.
  • When will the course be available to me?
    Once you enroll, you will have immediate access to all the modules. We strongly urge you to start with the Welcome module, which will help you understand the layout of the course content and show you where to find all the information for each module. Don't worry, we will give you step-by-step instructions.
  • What is your refund policy?
    We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with the course, we will gladly refund you. You can see our refund policy by clicking here. Thanks for asking!
You do NOT want to launch a business without going through the course first!
The Ultimate Course 

6 modules, 26 topics

12 months unlimited access to course materials

Includes bonus ebooks

30 worksheets, guides, cheat sheets, and other helpful resources

Wrap Up Module with additional expert help


It's time to Vet Your Idea if any of these scenarios ring true for you:

  • You have an idea and you can't get it out of your mind
  • You're sooooo ready to be your own boss
  • You want a side hustle
  • You're stagnating in your current position
  • You need to have more answers in order to move forward
  • The thought of being in the same rut in 12 months is unbearable
  • You know the time is ripe, now what?
  • You'll be ready to move forward or decide once you work through all the details
  • You're worried you may have overlooked something
  • You need help in assessing risk
  • You're ready to invest in yourself

Doing the due diligence will get you to the right answer.

You've Got This.

How do I know this to be true?  Because I will walk you through the vetting process.  I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs - new and seasoned - figure it out.  I know what you must do to work through that idea.  

The last thing I want you to do is to take the leap and start a new business without working through all the ups, the downs, the risks and the opportunities.  I've seen it many times and trust me, it can be a painful and EXPENSIVE experience. 


It is my mission to help you pursue your passions and reward yourself using your skills, talents, and your gifts.  But it is heartbreaking when I see someone start a business without knowing if she can make money or if she will even enjoy owning and operating her business.  I will walk you through this due diligence process so you don't prematurely go down that dangerous path.

I created this course to help you work through all the details you need to consider.   Right now is a fantastic time to think about starting a business.  This course will take you through all those critical points you must work through to know if you're ready, to know if your idea is viable, and to know if you can make money at it.  You are here because you're ready to be in control of your future. 


Let's get started!

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