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"My Friends Will Think I'm Crazy"

great business idea, afraid to start a business, risk of starting a business
Reactions when my friends hear my business idea.

You have a great idea. But wait. Your friends will think you’re crazy or they might judge you. That is EXACTLY what the little voice in your head just said, right? You thought of something that others would want to buy. You‘re really good at a skill or talent and you want to turn that into a money-making machine. But wait. What will others think? The overwhelming fear that someone will make fun of you keeps you from even telling someone about your idea. Being afraid of being ridiculed, looking stupid or impetuous, failing flat on your face, showing incompetence – any of those emotions are enough to keep you quiet.

Once that fear creeps in, you start finding reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t pursue the idea:

· it’s too risky

· I don’t have the money to get started

· I’m too busy

· I don’t have help

· I don’t know what I should do next

You suddenly find yourself too busy to spend time cultivating your dream. You come up with dozens of reasons to delay. You rationalize that you need to work through the concept more thoroughly.

Stop. Deep breath. Clear your mind. Let’s do a reset. Mindset shifts are hard, but in this case it is definitely needed. Consider this - I once saw an episode of Dr. Phil where he challenged a guest on his show on her behavior and life choices and made her realize that she made her choices because there are “payoffs” in them. A payoff is always what drives our behavior.

Re-read that sentence.

For those with the gnawing desire to start selling your products, opening your shop, hiring the necessary help, launching your website, and so on, but just can’t seem to pull the trigger, it’s time to reframe that fear and let your true self drive your behavior. Easier said than done, right? So let’s simplify.

I have exercises that will help you get unstuck. These exercises enable you to face down the fears in a manageable way so that you can roll up your sleeves and make progress. How about some easy exercises that will minimize or eliminate your fears and enable you to take actions that are enticing and rewarding. They will allow you to be true to yourself while safely pursuing your dream. This is where you will find The Softer Side of Success.

We’re ready when you are. Email me at and I’ll get you the exercises.


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