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The Softer Side

Mastermind Sprints

Take your business ideas to the next level!!

5 Week Sprint    $84

How It Works

Our 5 week Mastermind Sprints are focused, confidential, and results-oriented.  In a weekly one hour online session we cover a different aspect of your business (or business idea) where you will do deep work into that week's topic.  You'll be privy to exclusive exercises and resources, subject matter experts, open forums to get your specific questions answered, the private Facebook group, and much more.  The groups are kept to a small size to ensure each member is heard and specific needs are addressed.  At the same time, you get a group of great minds working on your issues with you!

Your business and time are worth your focused attention on launching and growing.  We know it is.  That's why we do it this way.  

What Is Covered During The 5 Week Sprint:

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How To Register

1.  Fill out the interest form and submit.

2. We contact you to discuss:

            * What you need to get out of a                       mastermind (we want to be sure                   it's a good fit)

            * Open spots

            * Meeting dates and times

            * Payment

            * Next steps if any

Click here to download an information sheet about The Softer Side Mastermind Sprints.


Get ready to take your efforts to the next level!

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