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Each month we highlight an inspiring entrepreneur and her success story. Learn more about this month's amazing entrepreneur below and take away some sage inspiration for your own journey.

""Starting my business was brutal!  I worked so hard and got halfway decent results.  But a very wise friend pulled me aside and made me realize that I wasn't working smart.  This changed EVERYTHING for me.  I made it my mission to drill efficiency into all my work and I created ways to make my efforts payback more than 200%.  I want you to learn from my mistakes and journey.  It doesn't have to be that hard!!

 - Sarah

Meet Sarah Hamilton

Sarah is a small business owner with a passion to help other women succeed.  She tells everyone she is a graduate from the School of Hard Knocks with the scars to prove it.  Her small business journey has been filled with more lessons than she wanted to learn, but those lessons made her the successful entrepreneur she is today.  

Why You Want to Meet Her!

  • She wants you to learn from her mistakes instead of making them yourself!

  • Her passion is helping others find ways to be more efficient in their operations

  • She is a published author of her blog

  • She has FANTASTIC productivity hacks that will help you! 

Contact Sarah to get a complimentary copy of her ebook where she provides specific tactics to help you save money in your small business.

You can contact Sarah at Sarah@sarahhamiltonworks.com or check out her website at www.sarahhamiltonworks.com. Be sure to tell her you saw her overview on The Softer Side of Success.

Sarah's Social Media Links

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