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 We all know those who strive for continued improvement are the people who make the biggest strides in their businesses.              


The Monthly Challenge is an easy way to sharpen your skills, work on your plans, pursue your ideas and polish your vision!  


Each month you will receive a new challenge designed to help expand your thinking, clarify your ongoing plans and tasks, and to put some discipline around your business.  The challenges are designed to be easy to accomplish while helping you gain new knowledge and perspective for your business.  

What Is The Monthly Challenge?


This Month's Challenge

Create Your Own Personal Board of Directors

This month you will receive specific exercises and tasks that will result in growing your contacts and your professional network - painlessly.

Last Month's Challenge

Last month you were challenged to Expand Your Network!  We know how hard networking can be for some - especially if you are an introvert.  So we made the challenge easy with 4 exercises that made expanding your network sooooo easy, and very fruitful!  And this challenge was one that you can easily repeat at any given time.  Woohoo!

We Just Have To Share....

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This challenge is a godsend for me!  I HATE NETWORKING!  But the challenge was so easy and I have gained some new contacts in my network that didn't require me to go to a business social and schlep around for business cards. Thank you!

                                      - Lisa P.

Coming Next Month -

Set Up Your Info Network

(We'll guide you through it.)


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