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 We all know those who strive for continued improvement are the people who make the biggest strides in their businesses.              


The Monthly Challenge is an easy way to sharpen your skills, work on your plans, pursue your ideas and polish your vision!  


Each month you will receive a new challenge designed to help expand your thinking, clarify your ongoing plans and tasks, and to put some discipline around your business.  The challenges are designed to be easy to accomplish while helping you gain new knowledge and perspective for your business.  

What Is The Monthly Challenge?

Present Surprise

This Month's Challenge

"Thank You For The Gift You Gave Me"

The challenge this month is not really a challenge - it's a SOLUTION!  It's a game-changer for making a huge difference in the lives of others during a time when gift-giving is the status quo.  This challenge will show you how to create the easiest, most meaningful gift that your network will always remember.

Last Month's Challenge

Last month you were challenged to Create An Information Network.   With all the information overload we have every day, you need a way to streamline and get info that is of utmost interest and value to you.  This challenge gave you the steps on how to do that.  It makes you much more productive, more informed, and certainly more connected to those contacts who have the valuable information you need.

We Just Have To Share....

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"When I set up my Information Network I felt like I gave myself the gift of time.  Little did I realize how it took my most valuable contacts to a whole new level of relationships.  This was crazy good."

                                      - Brenda K.

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