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Due Diligence

A MUST HAVE 2 page checklist to get you started on the homework you should do when looking at starting a business.


It's the sanity check for your business idea.  


It covers the topics and questions you need to be clear before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

Fill out this form to for the free checklist download.

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Download The Checklist

Click here to download

Business idea

Do the detailed work on your business idea.

Get The Ultimate
Due Diligence Course

A complete course that walks you through the entire due diligence process

  • Know if you can make a profit

  • Determine your start up costs and the funds you'll need

  • How to test your idea & know if there's a market

  • Step by step instructions to creating a sales forecast

  • Identify risks 

  • Review operational requirements

And much more - including 30 downloads of resource guides, cheatsheets, tips, ebooks, etc.  


Woman working in the office

Carol V.

The Ultimate Guide helped me think through all the details I never even thought of before.

Beach in Winter

Wendi R.

All the downloads were great to use in my business plan!


Pamela S.

I loved being able to work through all the sections at my own pace.  It really helped me think through all the pieces of my business idea and prepped me for challenges I had not considered.

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